Long-Term Social Media Marketing Content Plan
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Eliminate all confusion you have about what social media is and why you should be using it.

Everyone is throwing money into social media without a clear understanding of what it is and why they are doing it. If you ask them why they want to do social media marketing, they will tell you because everyone says our business needs one.

You need to eliminate all confusion a client might be having about what social media is and why they should be using it. This leads to better conversations and retaining clients for longer than a year because they understand what is going on.

Perspective marketing clients need to be well informed on what they can expect so they can make the best decisions for them, the more they know about what’s going the less they will bother you and let you do what you do best.

Tell your clients what social media marketing is and why they should want to use it. Talk to them on how to make it work for them long-term instead of them working for it.

They should have information about four things after you talk to them about social media marketing.

1. The relationship between followers and sales

2. Content and what it means to make valuable content

3. Where to be

4. Results

When you finish reading this you will be ready to answer the two most pressing questions your clients will have

Will social media marketing work for me?

How do I get social media marketing to work for me?

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is protecting your brand and selling your message and assets on a social media channel, and only use social media marketing if it can make a meaningful and measurable impact on your business. If it doesn’t them look for other ways to advertise online.

Let them know that likes, favorites, retweets are not good metrics to base results on.

Long-Term Social Media Marketing Growth

After you have explained what social media marketing means and how to use it, dive deeper and give them more value by telling them what they can expect. Start with sales and followers because that’s a question that all clients are going to have.

Relationship Between Followers and Sales

Your clients should know there is no trend between followers and sales. Explain social media to them, tell them that it’s a way for them to be informed about what their target audience is doing, and to inform their target audience about what they are doing.

Social media is a two-way street that benefits you and your audience. Customers want transparency, they want to feel good about your brand and feel good about using your product. If your customer is happy using your product, then they will tell their friends and family about your product.

The client will still ask questions like —

Can you make sales from social media?


Or will some of my followers buy my product?


Communicate with your client that people will buy from you if they want to buy from you, people will follow you if they want to follow you. That typically leads to them asking you how can they get people to follow them.

Produce Valuable and Smart Content to Get People to Follow You

Produce content and provide value. Not just any type of content, it should be valuable and smart content, that sticks to the voice and has the tone the brand wants to display.

Don’t follow the traditional path of publishing content to publish content, that leads to burnout and will make you frustrated quicker because you feel your efforts are being wasted. Instead of publishing 3 pieces of content a day every day for a whole year, break it down. Produce one or two valuable and smart pieces of content a week.

What Valuable Content Looks Like

Give value is a subjective term, your client is going to have a different opinion of what is valuable compared to what their target audience thinks is valuable. As a marketer, you want to point your client’s attention to giving value to their audience.

Producing valuable content is going to do four things — be interesting and shareable, relevant to customers, establish your client as an authority and can lead to sales.

Example of Producing Valuable Content

You have a client that’s a florist valuable content for that audience might be videos showing them how to make their own arrangements, choosing what flowers and colors go well together.

Posts about which flowers are in season. Every season you make a different bouquet — the winter bouquet, the spring bouquet and run a sale on that bouquet.

Another example of valuable content for your florist would be creating a how to take care of your flower’s series showing the audience how to make their flowers last longer from watering techniques, clipping dead flowers and changing them properly.

Then you niche the series down even further and do how to take care of orchids or how to take care of sunflowers. You do this for each type of flower. Make this one interactive and let your audience decide what flowers to you show them how to take care of next.

Posts about the perfect flowers for different zodiac signs would work well.

Flowers to use as a centerpiece for your holiday table.

More valuable content would be what different flowers mean and how to choose the right flowers for the right occasion because you wouldn’t bring red roses to a funeral even though they’re beautiful they’re not the best fit for a funeral.

This is how you provide valuable and smart content. Every example above does all four things. It’s interesting and shareable, relevant to the target audience, establishes your client as an authority and can generate a sale for them.

Valuable Content Checklist

Before you post to social media go through this checklist:

1. Is this piece of content interesting and shareable?

2. Is it relevant to the target audience?

3. Does it establish the client as an authority within their niche?

4. Does this post have the ability to possibly generate a sale?

Don’t use hashtags on your posts, instead of using hashtags, write down all the hashtags you would use and then type them in and leave a valuable comment on posts of people using that hashtag. Leave 5–10 comments a day and start conversations with people who use that hashtag.

They say social media engagement is down.

That is because everyone is focused on themselves and trying to create more content to keep up with everyone else. Don’t do this.

Go at your own pace and talk to people along the way and build relationships with the people that use your product or service. Because guess what? If you interact with them and leave a comment, they are going to be excited and tell people.

How would you feel if a brand commented on one of your posts?

Pretty good right?

You would probably tell your closest friends and family that this brand interacted with your post.

Create that feeling for other people, this leads to them spreading the word about you to everyone they know. To get the best results, find the social media channel where your audience is talking the most.

Be Where Your Audience Is

Some platforms will work better than others. Find the platform where your target audience is and go meet them at their level. Not every business should have a Tik Tok, or an Instagram account, only use the social media channel if it makes a meaningful and measurable impact on your business.

If Facebook is where the majority of your customers actively post, then spend time growing your Facebook and interacting with them on Facebook.

When you go to where your customers are, you get a better insight into what your customers like and the type of content they post. Knowing what they are doing and what they are posting can help you create content that is more valuable to them.

If your content is more valuable to the customer, then you will see more engagement and create a more loyal customer base because you understand what is going on with them and you talk to them where they are at. Some clients want to see results faster, tell them to takes time and you have to be consistent.

Nobody reaches 1 million followers overnight nobody does 6 figures in sales from social media without spending some type of paid advertisements.

It Takes Time to See Results

You need to be consistent in your efforts, results won’t happen for you overnight. Not everyone you interact with is going to follow you, not everyone that follows you is going to buy from you, but if you are consistent in your efforts and make an attempt to grow your brand’s social media, you will.

Track your efforts, use google analytics and a different UTM code for each platform if you are running a sale to see where your customers are coming from. This will help you identify which platform is performing well for you and where you should be focusing more on your efforts.

Emphasize doing the small things every day to see big results over time, and always ask questions to see where your client is at and meet them where there are at and explain to them where they are going when they use social media.

Ask your client questions to find out their goals you want to know how to best serve them. Always ask if there is a timeframe or is there a sense of urgency?

If there is a small timeframe and they want to reach a lot of people in a short amount of time, let them know that it’s going to be more expensive because they need to run paid ads to reach their goal.

Knowing their timeframe will help you produce better results for them and will help you be consistent and help them see the consistency in what you’re doing.


Before working with a new client take the time to explain to them what social media marketing is, and how they should use. Even if they have heard it before still do it because it saves you headaches down the line when your clients are well informed on the channel and why they talking to you about using it.

You get to be the expert that you are and this builds trust in the relationship. Once you tell them what is and how to use, tell them what they can do to grow long-term. They need to know about followers and sales before you start working with them.

Tell them how to grow their following by producing content that is valuable to their audience, and to interact with their audience on the social media channels where they are most active to get the best results.

Lastly, the best results won’t happen overnight, they are built up over time by making it a habit to interact with your audience and consistently producing content that is valuable to them.

Go out there and inform your clients, spend more time talking to them about social media marketing, learn what goals they have for their social media marketing campaign, and tell them what to expect.

If you do you will retain your clients longer and build better relationships with them and put yourself in the position to get referrals from other businesses.

You will grow over time and become a sought after a social media marketer.

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