Can You Avoid Failure?
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There is no way to avoid failure. Failure is a natural part of life. Embrace it. Failure is not something to be ashamed of, and it's not something that we can just ignore and hide from.

If you avoid failure, you also avoid success.

— Robert T. Kiyosaki

Not everything you do will lead to success. You will fail at something.  Everyone will fail at one point in their life. Facing failure is one of the toughest things in life, especially when it comes from one’s own decisions. There is no way to avoid failure. Failure is a natural part of life. Embrace it. Failure is not something to be ashamed of, and it’s not something that we can just ignore and hide from.

We can experience failure in many ways. We can’t avoid it but it is what makes us different from our peers, and that is our purpose. There is failure when you put yourself out there and you’re not accepted, or when you follow an alternative path to success. We may be destined for greatness, or we’ll learn from failure. That’s what can make each moment meaningful. 

Everyone has the opportunity to learn, to succeed, and to fall flat on their face. That’s the best thing about our individual journeys, we are able to adapt and recover. Every new person learns in a different way. The only constant is change. Failure is a fact of life, you can’t avoid it but you can take control of your emotions.

Failure can look like a lot of different things. It’s not just failing to reach your goals. Marriages and relationships fail. Losing your job can feel like a failure. These things happen every day.

Failure and Gravity 

Failure can be looked at as gravity. Gravity happens every day. Gravity is something we can’t escape. We’re all subject to the gravitational pull of the earth, and objects naturally fall to the ground because of it. We’re all subject to failure, no one is excluded not Warren Buffet or Mark Cuban.

The Downward Spiral

Failure is a downward spiral, and we’re already surrounded by it. In the game of life, failure is defined by the overall outcome of the game, i.e. while it seems like a small percentage of the population gets everything right, everyone fails at one point. Another aspect that is hard to accept and try to understand is what I have learned in failure is what I did right or wrong.

You would think the inverse would hold true but it’s the exact opposite. For example, I’ve become a more relaxed person due to the realization of my faults. I was probably too hard on myself all the time and lived my life extremely hard. The key is understanding what you did right and wrong. It’s never easy and every time you make an error you look back and see what you could’ve done differently.

Failure and The Economic Cycle 

Economies ebb and flow over time in what is called the economic cycle. The economic cycle is a pattern of boom and bust that influences the economy. The cycles of economic growth and recession is a long-term cycle that can last anywhere from a couple of years to a decade.

An economy usually cycles between a recession and a growth period over the course of several business cycles. Your life is its own economy and like the economic cycle, your life has its own boom and bust. 

The Economic Cycle

The fact is that it is almost impossible to accurately predict whether a downturn in the economy is ahead or not. Experts are really good at measuring trends and using statistics to predict the probability of recessions occurring. However, while the experts can predict the likelihood of recessions occurring in the future, they cannot actually tell the precise month or quarter the next economic recession will happen. 

The same can be said of failure. You can’t predict when you will fail, but you just have to know it will happen. You will plan ahead when you know failure is possible. This means instead of spending when things are going well or booming you’ll save. 

The Boom

This stage is characterized by an increase in employment, wages, and prices. An increase in employment is when an increase in demand and income causes a rise in the demand for labor. An increase in employment increases spending by the employed. This spending builds up into a new economic cycle. 

During this time, the economy is at its highest level. The boom is when you’re succeeding. Your marriage is going well, you got a promotion at work. Everything is going your way. 

The Bust

The bust in the cycle is usually the darkest period for the economy. It’s the time when all the factors of the economy work against each other, and they create a series of errors and problems. 

During this time, the economic cycle begins to slow down. Consumers spend less of their income. Companies have less to spend on employees. Many companies are left with less product to sell, and the economy shrinks. As this happens, unemployment rises. Those still employed lose their jobs and look for new ones. 

Some see this as a reason to panic and get into high debt to make up for the income loss. 

The problem with the bust is that the public is stuck with these errors and problems, the economy crashes, and this can cause the economy to grind to a halt. 

The bust is your failure. Everything comes crashing down. Your marriage ends. You lost your job. You feel like you at the end, but the bust gives you the opportunity to start something new and better yourself.

The Recovery

After a recession or bust period, the economy grows and does so for a number of years. During a recovery, the economy begins to expand, and businesses and consumers are encouraged to spend and increase investments in the economy. 

The recovery is when you start to bounce back. You remove the bad elements and create something new and positive. This is the growth period, where the new ideas and innovation drive you forward. After a time of growth, the next stage begins and you go back into the boom. 

Avoiding failure is to avoid progress.

— Unknown

Revisiting Past Failures

I look at failure as good training for new opportunities. In baseball, you will fail as you try to do things like swing a baseball bat when you’re not hitting the ball very well. However, you have the ability to move on and try again. 

This has led to some really successful baseball players who have had a few failures but keep on going. Not all teams will send their ball players to play for another team. When someone fails they know exactly what is happening, they know exactly what needs to happen to succeed. This helps them move on. 

Failure should not be feared. It’s not your fault, you’re not perfect. But you must keep trying and hoping you’ll get there. This is why you have to push yourself to try again, this is what makes us the people we are.

Ways to Deal With Failure

Re-group & reflect. We all have to hit some point where we’ve got to stop what we’re doing and take a moment to reflect on our current situation. There’s something to be said for setting things up well in advance of a project. Make the project plan with a high level of detail and stick with it through thick and thin. 

Recall what you did well: Sometimes we’ve got to take a step back and think back at what we did right in a particular project. It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go the way you planned, but a good project plan will help you identify those happy accidents.

Banish bad memories: It’s good to purge some things from your mind to make room for new learning experiences. Clear your mind of bad memories, bad projects and negative energy.

You Can’t Avoid Failure

Failure has a powerful effect on a person. No one is immune. No one has control over their body like they would like to think. Every person has that one thought in the back of their head “I can’t be failing in life! I am unstoppable. I’ve got it all figured out!” But that is the only way we fail is to believe that we are infallible and strong. This belief is flawed and unrealistic. And the more we believe in it, the harder we fall. 

Failure reveals weaknesses that we didn’t even know we had. It exposes our strengths and weaknesses, forcing us to make changes, which would have never been necessary otherwise. It’s like a light bulb going off and instantly your bedroom is flooded with light. 

Nobody enjoys failing, it’s not fun. You have two options when faced with failure: either you give up and lie around in self-pity, or you can use it as a learning experience, and realize that failure doesn’t define you, it only makes you stronger. 

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